Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Look

Well, as Meche said, and you've probably noticed, ¿Qué? is a little. . . deadish. But we're working on that. After we hog-tie Lorena and make her blog, things should be okay. But for now, I am planning on giving the sidebar a little spiff up. Oka-a-ay, that sounded really. . . brokeback. There probably won't be much going on over the summer, but yea. Keep your little blogging eyes peeled on the sidebar. :P

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Contrary to Popular Belief...

No, Que has not died! It is merely taking a very long siesta. The Hobbit and I are attempting to wake it... and if that fails, then yes, sadly... it will die. But fret not, for we will whisper in its ear, shout in its face, jump on top of it and throw water at it in valient effort!
However, I think that for the summer, we still won't be posting as much as we usually would... cuz we're all in the same town now and can keep up with each other quite nicely.
So, you may ask: how have the chicas been doing since last you heard from us? Well, Judit is living with Bob, seems to be doing quite well. She still has better days than others, but for the most part, has enjoyed hanging out with friends and being her goofy self. She has been showing us videos/movies filmed at CC and has been telling us some quite interesting stories about her acquaintances and friends... I think I am beginning to understand certain people... or at least remember who they are!
Constancia is also living with her parents... she is working at 3M for the summer. She was on the midnight-8am shift making masks, but she switched to a split shift in the cafeteria from 9-1 and 5-9. She still likes to hang out at the Coffee Smith a lot and has been enjoying her sleep.
Lorena has gradu-ma-tated high school and will be going to the School of Mines next year. She's looking forward to things like making robots and hearing a lot of techno. She enjoys going to shows very much and will be going to the Warped Festival in Colorado next month.
Magdelena is also living with her parents but is currently apartment-hunting. She is also out to get a new job. She has also applied at 3M and Wells Fargo... we'll see if she joins the ranks of 3Mers. She has been hanging out a lot with us but she has also been hanging out with friends from school/work so we don't see her quite as often. However, she seems to be doing well.
I am also taking up residents with the parental units for the time being. However, I am also paying for an apartment in Grand Forks, where I will be going to school next year. I work at 3M on the midnight-8am shift making masks, so what with sleeping during the day, I have little time to do much of anything. All things considered, I'm still relatively happy. I enjoy going to shows with Lorena and/or JimBeth when I can and will be leaving for a 3 week "vacation" to Edmundton, Alberta, Canada and then to Vancouver, WA. I'm going with my family and we will be driving the whole way... should be intersting.
So that's what's up! Oh, I also have another blog here and a MySpace here. Visit if you wish.
Word of the day: eternity... because that's about how long it's been since anyone last posted!!!