Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hair gel and Plug Ins

Wow, bad Judit! Bad! *irons hands* Here I am yelling at ya'll to post and I don't even post!! Tisk, tisk. Although, save dear Meche I have noticed that none of yoooouuu are blogging. Hmmm. Anyway, the last three weeks in the life of Judit, go!

I'm a dork who can't read plane tickets correctly, so I told my ride to pick me up @ Dulles 40 mins after my schedueled landing. Then the pilot got us in 30 min early and my ride was an hour late. Yay! I bonded with random travelers and really cute kids from some other country. He he. But all was well and I got into my dorm at 2 am. My room is great. Meg and I are getting along splendidly. I sleep on a trundel bed which slides under Megan's which is kinda cool. I like it. Laura stayed on my floor until it was time for her and half of my class to go to Rome. The other half goes in the spring. Seriously, every year a majority of the junior class goes to Rome. This year, it's everyone but 5 or 6. And I am one of those 5 or 6. Sad for me. Oh well, I will hold down the fort like it's never been held down before.

Classes have been going well. I've got 2 sophomore classes and 3 junior classes so I get confused some times. Especially since there are transfers in both sets of classes. So confused I tell you. But good. I really like most of them. I even like Medieval philosophy despite the uber boring prof. And I dropped Latin, so it's all good! he he

My crazy movie making friends have released a feature length film at the local movie theatre. There was a big premire and everything. I was the official photographer, so I got to pester people and make them pose. I think Mike was ready to take my head off, but he was too happy with the success of the movie. See my facebook for the pictures.

It seems as thought the freshman are settling in well. Silly freshman. Some of them live on my wing. I like them lots.

Um, I'm chewing some gum. And talking to Smitha on Google Talk. And I'm supposed to be reading Beowulf.

Oh! Oh! I found the coolest shirt at K-Mart! It's lime green and says I (lips) Midwestern Boys! Granted if I'd gotten it at home it would've been a little weird, but on the East Coast, it's totally wicked cool!


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Sorry about not getting the pics up! I'm still trying to figure out what to with Magdalena and Lorena.

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