Sunday, August 20, 2006

Apple Robber

Judit, are you at the CC?! When do classes start? I have checked the blog and realized that my new and improved pic is not up yet. I (im)patiently wait it's arrival. Oh, and it's too bad that we didn't get that pic of Lorena or Magdelena in Geisha garb! That would have been uber-cool!
Don't really have a lot to do right now... waiting for towels to wash and/or dry. Tomorrow, I will be taking my math placement exam and having an audition for my voice lesson. Fun stuff... not really, but oh well.
Word of the day: stealth. It takes plenty of that to steal apples from someone's front yard when they're practially staring at it through the livingroom window! Heh heh heh!


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