Monday, September 12, 2005

Random cat musings

Okay, so I really don't have anything in particular to post about right now, so this will either be highly boring, or very random. I'm hoping for the latter.
What is smothered chicken? It's on the dinner menu for tonight and I just can't figure it out. I asked my little sister (Lunchbox) what she thought it was and you know what she said? "A chicken that can't breath." Well, I would hope so, considering if it can't breath, it's probably dead and that would make it much easier to eat. My original thought was chicken with gravy... but unfortunately we had that last night and repetition is not ideal right now :S What is up with this school and chicken?! Constancia probably agrees; I like chicken but it is served way too much here! No lie, I think I've had it at least once a day since I got here! Not that I'm complaining about the school Judit! I like it here! I have a great roommate, cool friends and for the most part, good classes. It's just the food that I'm questioning. But my roommate and I went out and got groceries this weekend so now we have bread and peanut butter and jelly. Good stuff! *Peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time!*
Anyway, I'll get back to you on the smothered chicken thing.
So, my roommate and I went to a punk show on Friday night. That was interesting. The bands were pretty good, but it took them forever to set up! So, after the first band, we set off for Starbucks (which has some amazing coffee, I must admit!) and by the time we got back, the second band hadn't even started yet. So we hung out outside with some people we'd met. There was this guy there who was giving everyone "high five-thousands." He was pretty "high five-thousand" himself, but it was fun. But after the second band played, it took them forever again, so we just left and hung out for a while. We ended up getting to bed rather earlier than we expected (like midnight-ish) but all was well.
So, I'm pretty sure this is starting to get boring, so I think I'll wrap it up. Maybe I'll get on Constancia's computer and post some pictures from Lifelight soon. We'll see :D
Word of the day: qwuijjjj. That is what my cat "typed" when she walked across the keyboard when my sister and I were messenging. I thought it was funny!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Its a Friday night and I am gonna ..... POST

Thats right kids, its Friday night, and what am I doing... absolutely nothing. I am sitting in my dorm room, doing nothing and its glorius!! I haven't done nothing in forever (again I am using my great grammar skills). I haven't sat around the whole day, o no. I had 2 classes, endless campus ministry meetings, a nap and other junk. I have basically been going non-stop since I got back to Bismarck for school on Aug. 18th. Campus Ministry has been keeping me very busy, but its all good. I basically help our advisor, Sr. Nancy, stay organized. I also hang up signs, make copies and plan activities. We have been having a great time. We had opening mass, a riverboat cruise, many more things that I just can't seem to remeber b/c they all blurred together and have been planing many more events! I absolutely love working with our team which is now composed of 9 members ~ 8 girls and one boy. We started with 7 girls, added one more and decided that we would need some testosterone on the team and we convinced a boy whom we will call "stary night" boy to join the team! So I am excited. In other news, we have a new Residence Director in our dorm and she is super awesome! She just got engaged this weekend, so we are really excited for her. I was talking to her about it and she said that they haven't even kissed yet, very commendable in my opinion. So she is super excited about the wedding ~ the sooner the better according to her! She is so fun, and very strong in her faith, so she is doing a bible study in our dorm, which will be cool too!
So ya, not much else has been happening, just class and homework. Like Judit said, I have non-stop homework as well ~ I know all about that 7,000 pages of reading a night. ;) Other than that, last weekend for Labor Day me and Meche went down to Lifelight festival! AMAZING, is all I can say. For the Third Day concert I was the fourth person from the stage and got totally awesome pictures!! I almost touched the lead singer, when he reached into the crowd! One of the girls in our group got the lead singers guitar pick, and Meche got a drum stick!!!! We went to lots of other bands, faves being Casting Pearls (totally cute, and now hanging on the wall in my dorm room), O.C. Supertones, and Salvador plus tons more! We had a great time with the youth groupies again, and had fun driving home at 2 in the morning!
But I am gonna go do some more nothing, just thought that I would bore you with what I have been 'doing' this school year. This will probably be a rare occasion (me posting) so, hasta luego!
~Quote of the day: "When your faith is tested your endurance has a chance to grow" ~ James 1:3 ~ May we all remeber and keep in our prayers the victims, survivers and all involved in the tragedy of hurricane katrina.

Friday, September 02, 2005

To the Delorian!

Oh man, guys, we've beem slackin' something fearce! I don't even know if we can rightfuly call ourselves bloggers anymore. I am ashamed of us! (This includes my nonblogging self as well.) Although with Constancia & I being big bad sophomorse, Meche & Magdalena starting cowllege, & Lorena finally hitting her senior year of glorious high school, we have reason to be a bit busy. I don't know about you guys, but this year's gonna be school work like nobody's bussiness! I've got about three papers per month. And I'm not talking the nice five pagers of last year. These monsters are 9-12 pagers! Nooooo!!!! Plus tests, quizzes, readings, and written homework, ugh. The reading is acutally the hardest, because I have about 7,000 pages a night (well, maybe not quite) and I have to comprehend it all for the aforementioned quizzes, tests, and papers. The only class that really has writen homework is Latin, which, by the way is going spledindly. I heart Latin! (I actually think it's going to be one of my best classes this year, crazy as that sounds.) But I'm really enjoying my other classes, despite the homework. I've got Old Testament, Philosphy of Man, Political Theory, Late Medevil History, British Lit, and, of course, Latin. It's glorious, absolutely glorious, in the immortal words of Gronberg. Along with class, I've got work study in the library. It's mostly fun, but right now it's really slow. COME CHECK OUT A BOOK!!! PLEASE!!! I'm also part of the Women's Oritory, the Holy Rood Society, Thursday Night Dancers, Forensics (if it ever gets past Ben, Dom, & I talking), and College Republicans. Oi, oi, oi.
On to different subject matter, on of my friends here found a Delorian and is probably going to get it! I am so bloody excited! I'm half tempted to blow off Beowulf and watch all three Back to the Future movies to celebrate. But alas, I shall be responsible and read my Norse poetry. He told me I could time travel with him in it, as long as it's less than one hour into the future. I'm borrowing Meche's tradition and doing word of the day. Today's word: epophthalmiontes. One of me Greek learning friends finds that word very fun to say, so she says it often, unfortunately, we don't know what it means, sorry.