Sunday, July 31, 2005

Move Over EuroTrip, Here's the More Christian "Road Trip to See a Youth Minister"

Constancia, Magdalena, & I hit the road not too long ago to our state capitol (I'll let you guys figure out where that is) to see our old youth minister/friend Darby. Now I could talk about it, but a picture's worth 1,000 words, so I'll let Magdalena's phone tell the story.

As soon as we got there, we tried to take a nap while Darby was at work, but that didn't work out so well.

Magdalena got to playing with Darby's candle putter outer thing. That's not for putting out toes Mag!

Constancia began rumaging through Mag's makeup bag while Magdalena looked on in, disgust? Indifference? Tiredness? I can't tell what the look is.
Then Darby came home & showed off her new swim cap & goggles.

Yes, here is the person who led the youth of my parish. This may also be a good time to point out that she's my cousin...

We then went to Super Wal Mart to get food, but first a stop at K-Mart to buy jewlery. Here I am showing off my "home dawg" skills with a foam "Jesus loves you" visor. Now if that doesn't spell cool, I don't know what does!

Being the crazy-go-nuts girls we are, we all painted our toes pink & yellow. It was fun. :)

Getting ready the next morning was interesting. 4 females, 1 small bathroom. (With a picture of Mr. Heller in it.)

We moved the hair straightening to the kitchen, because the bathroom was too hot & crowded.

But the kitchen wasn't good enough for Constancia, she wanted to go to the beach. You know, the whole way there & back she complained because she couldn't find her sunglasses!

Hair Straightener Barbie. Hair straightener not included. Magdalena told me to look all "prettified." Does this work?

I love you!

The 4 of us right before we left. Yes, we took it ourselves!

Some rather, uh, interesting, quotes from the trip, mostly on the way up & back.
"Ahh, you made my snot go funny."
-- Magdalena to Judit (I grabbed her nose.)
"Ahh! Germs and mucus are escaping my nose!"
-- Judit (I guess that sneeze was retrobution for being mean to Mag.)
"Did that semi have teeth?"
-- Judit (It actually did, I was just confused by it. . .)
"I'm going to have really strong ears!"
-- Mag (Not explaining this one!)
"I'm concerned about what you're wearing!"
-- Mag (She'd make a great RA.)
"Mag, you hit me in the eye, again!"
-- Judit (My eyes were not safe around her. I lost track of how many times she hit me in the eye.)
"That's cary! Oh, I kind of missed the 's' on that one."
-- Constancia (She was getting a little tired, which was kind of scary (cary?) because she was our driver.)
Constancia then went on an insulting fit.
"You not normal sitting down person!"
(That was her insult to Mag. Say that three times fast.)
"You have saggy bales." "Why do you have short corn?"
(Her insults to the local farmers. The bales were saggy & the corn unusally short. I'd have to agree with her on those two.)
"You smell like bathroom."
(To Mag & I after using the little penguin's room. *shrug*)
I then took a whack at the insults.
"You sound like a machine gun going through puberty."
(I don't remember who's laugh I was insulting, for sure, but I think it was Mag's.)
"Don't put garbage on this shelf."
-- Mag (Another one that won't get an explination.)
"You got a little hair, I'd pick it, but . . ."
-- Constancia (Our every ready groomer.)
"Mind your head!"
-- Constancia (I have no idea what she was talking about.)
"What are you 'whating'? Are you 'whating' Mag's 'Well, it's about time to hit the old dusty trial.' Or my playing hide & go seek with her hair & the seat back?"
-- Judit (to Constancia)
"Um, now I'm 'whating' you."
-- Constancia (She was a little creeped out by my choice of hide & go seek playmate. Come on! I was in a car, I didn't have much for options.)
"I'd like to change my what!"
-- Magdalena (She didn't want to be left out of the conversation.)

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Okay, so I haven't really had much to post lately... my summer has been a bit uneventful. But, recently my cousin who lives in California got in touch and I just thought I would share his website with everyone. He's a photography student at Brooks and I must say... he's pretty good! Anyway, click here for the site.
So, word of the day: well, I think today I'll have a phrase. "Gobs of juicy fun"... because I saw it on another website which is not this one and I liked it a lot. We should all use this phrase! It would make life so much more intersting.