Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Book Meme Continued

So Constancia is being severely obstinate about being tagged, so I will revoke her taggedness & tag Meche. Silly Constancia.

Forks are cool

Wow, so it's been a while since the last time I posted. Oh well, I'm posting now!
Yeah, so forking someone's apartment door is uber fun, let me tell you! JimBeth (who will forever-more be known as Liz) and I had this planned for a really long time... it's been at least a month. Anyway, we finally executed it last Saturday night. See, the Chronic Liar (who was once known as the Youth Minister) was at a wedding, so we thought it would be the perfect time. However we had to do a few things first, i.e. have a cook-out, pile 6 people into Scott, run to Target, terrorize a bit, get back into Scott, go to a friend's grad party, pick up one more person and get us some paper! Well, by that time, the Chronic Liar had been home for about an hour, but luckily for us he wasn't feeling well, so he was already asleep. (hehehehe) So, five of the seven of us snuck down the stairs to his apartment and began taping forks onto his door. Judit also had a plastic banana which she had borrowed-without-asking from the Chronic Liar about 2 years ago when she and others trashed his apartment before he left for Iraq. She taped it to the door and left him a note... along with a plastic peach! We also hung a note amongst the forks that bore the legend: "Look, I have new door decorations! Aren't they pretty?!" Then, once we had hung about 1/2 the forks on the door, we piled the rest below the door and got the heck outta there! We took some good pics, too, but I haven't gotten them from Liz yet. But once I do, I will try my best to get them onto the blog!
So, word of the day is Heeby-da-jeebies! Because Maurice the Lemur in Madagascar said it and it made us laugh. Yeah, that's right, there's a Maurice in Madagascar! And that is why all our friends (especially our own Maurice) need to see that movie!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Book Meme

Okay, so I've been tagged. So this is all about me & my books.

Total Number of Books I've Owned -- Wow, a lot. A lot, a lot!! I really don't think I can count that high!

Last Book I Bought -- Hmm, I'm really not too sure. It was probably for school. Actually, I think it was my physics books and lab manual. Holy man, I'm a nerd!

Last Book I Read -- Does that mean finished? Gosh, I haven't finished a book all year. Haven't had time. But the last book I've read as in I'm reading would be Hamlet. The Christendom Players & Sheila have inspired me. Unfortunately I started reading while I was more tired than interested and ended up with more of A Mid Summer's Night Dream, than Hamet. Eh, clever! Okay, maybe that was just lame.

Five Books That Have Meant A Lot To Me --

1. Story of a Soul. St. Therese really knows where it's at. I first read this when I was a sophomore or junior in high school. After reading that I decided it would be wonderful to be a nun. I read it again this last summer & really began to see the beauty in death. Huh, would you look at that, nuns and dying people, I never noticed that before. If ya'll haven't read it, you need to! That's a mandate from the WP.

2. The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Great book. I first read it in seventh grade & the characters became friends. So when I'm having a bad day or just want visit old friends, it's a good world to step into.

3. Batty Bat. Now that's a classic! I mean, what's better than a book about a bat who looses her glasses, gets flower & flour, piece & peace, & a plethora of other things mixed up! Oh man, I've had that book since I was a small hobbit. Um, I mean young. :) This book kept me smiling all summer.

4. Consolation of Philosophy. Now by all rights, this probably shouldn't be in the list, because I never finished it. (That will change as soon as I get my packages from VA.) But there was a lot in there that really made a lot of sense. And quite a bit of it I needed to hear, especially when we were reading it.

5. All the books in the Anne of Green Gables series. I can't think of many books that I would more highly recomend for young girls (& young women!) Anne encourages people to use their imagination, love with their whole hearts, believe in the beauty of their dreams, hold only the highest ideals, & admit when they're wrong (well, eventually.)

Now I purposly excluded the Bible and the CCC, because I figured they'd be no-brainers.
Here's the part where I tag five people myself.
I. Captian Oblivious, of 8 O'Clock Chaplet, maybe he'll actually post something! (Love ya, Papa!)
II. Sheila,of Enchiridion & Fiddleback Fever, even though I know she's already been tagged, I don't think she's responded.
III. Kateri, of Country Girl.
IV. Little Thalia, of Fiddleback Fever & Quid Hoc Est?
V. Constancia,of ¿Qué? So Constancia, consider yourself tagged!

Friday, May 20, 2005

So Much Star Wars!

Uff, so Kali's up here & she had the great idea to go to the midnight showing of the last Star Wars movie. I didn't think there would be any harm to that, so I agreed under one condition. I have only seen the 4th movie & inorder to understand the 3rd, I felt I needed to see the others. Kali saw wisdom in that, so it was off to the Movie Gallery for us. We got Episodes I, II, & V. (VI was out.) That night we watched I & II. The next day we watched VI & that night went to the theatre & saw III. Then the next day (yesterday) we finally got ahold of VI, so I now know how the whole thing ends. I have to say, I really enjoyed them all. I know many people who didn't like the first ones, for various reasons. So if you ask me if I liked the 3rd one, I will tell you yes, but also that I liked I & II, so you can't trust my opinion.
Also, whilst we were waiting for the movie to start, Magdalena came up to say "Hi." We chated for a bit, then she said, "I thought you were babysiting with Meche tonight?" To this I answered, "I thought you were babysiting with her!" Oops. Sorry Meche. Hope babysiting went ok. May the force be with you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Judit's Rules For Travel & Packing

1. Find out when your ride is leaving with plenty of time to find a new one if necessary.
2. If you have to be mostly packed by Saturday, don't start midnight Friday.
3. Give as much stuff to your friends as possible.
a. Giving pink stuffed animals to guy friends is recomended. :)
4. Take breaks when needed, otherwise you may end up collapsed on the hallway floor having to listen to one of your wingmates singing "For the Longest Time" (J/K Megan!)
5. Saran wrap works great for potted plants being used as carry on.
6. Really, take a couple of breaks, otherwise your husband might come into your dorm and drag you outside.
7. Even if you have to get up at 3:30 am, go to sleep, even for a couple of hours.
8. Undeveloped film is alright through carry on x-ray machines, but not checked baggage x-ray machines.
9. Airport chapels are good places to sleep.
10. Have more than 36 cents in cash with you when you travel!!!!!!


Oh my GOSH!!! This feels soooooo good... I am currently gliding my way through my ver last day of high school-- how exciting is that?! I am completely done with it! I don't have to put up with all of this trivial stuff anymore... now I'm going on to deal with other, possibly slightly less trivial stuff... but hopefully trivial in a different way... like a way that I actually LIKE!!! I know that college won't be everything I've expected and that I probably won't be as free as I would like (occupational hazard of being a music major and a pre-med major), but I do see a ray of hope... hope that I can be myself and not have to worry about what people will think... not that I do that a lot right now, but I still feel like I can't be as loud and outgoing as I would like around my current class. Anyway, enough about that... it's kinda boring :P
We're all really excited here in SoDak: Judit is back home!!! We all went to meet her at the air port yesterday evening... it was kinda funny because the Youth Minister kinda forgot and I called him about 15 mins before her plane got in and he was like, "What? I thought it was tomorrow!"
So I told him no it's today and he better get his butt over here. So he did... or at least he tried... he went to the wrong airport. But he finally got there just before she got off the plane and all was well for Judit's arrival. *I hope you feel bad, Youth Minister :P*
So, word of the day: pickle-weasle. Cuz Al said so.

Monday, May 09, 2005


I have got some tricksy friends. This blog takes us back to Friday, May 6th, 2005. The Judit is thinking about her Theology final & not her upcoming birthday. She rises that morning focused on the Church's teaching of salvation, the primacy of Peter, & many Bible verses. She goes to breakfast & then to the final. She leaves the final 1hr & 45mins later feeling confident but exhausted. She promptly goes to sleep for the next 4 hrs. When she wakes up, she decides to find some of her friends a celebrate for awhile before beginning studying for philosophy.
She walks out of her dorm & sees Liz. She shouts, "CARDUCCI!" To this, CARDUCCI runs away. The Judit is befuddled, but continues on her quest for friends. She finds some in the Commons & proceeds to talk with them. While she was doing this, Ibid walked out of the kitchen carrying something. "IBID!" When the Judit gets no response, she repeats her cry. She finally gets an, "I can't talk now, my hands are full." Once again, Judit becomes befuddled as to why people were being so anti-social.
So our miffed Judit continues on her quest for friendship. She finally finds Joe in the computer lab & proceeds to hang out with him for probably longer than is good for any one person to hang out with someone so weird. (J/K Joe!) She then goes back to her dorm to help get ready for Beth's surprise un-birthday party (her birthday's after we leave.) She met Sean & Claire & talked with them for awhile. During this, her crazy roommate Laura pounced on her, tickled her, & took her lunch money-I mean books & ran away. She chased after thinking Laura just had a dose of finals stress & needed to blow off some steam. Laura then threw the Judit's books back to their rightful owner, announced she was going to throw up & raced into the nearest girl's dorm. The Judit, worried about her crazy roommate followed her & saw that she didn't go to the bathroom, but out the back exit & found Claire who had left & was walking toward the gym. At this point Judit's brain overloaded trying to figure out what in the world was going on.
She then continued on her original mission to help set up for Beth's party. Beth's friends gathered in the video room & waited. The look on Beth's face when everyone yelled SUPRISE was priceless, absolutely priceless. It was a nice party & Judit had just suggested a game be confiscated from the common room, when Mary Beth told her that her phone was ringing. She answered & told Joe that she could not play racketball, because she was at Beth's party. When she got off the phone, everyone was staring at her. Almost at the same time, the entire party said they wanted to go play racketball. Judit was once again very confused. 1st of all why did everyone want to do this all at the same time? And 2nd how in the world were we all going to fit into 2 racketball courts? But it was Beth's party & that's what she wanted to do. As we walked to the gym, Beth said she saw some people watching a movie upstairs & we should do that. Now Judit wasn't even trying to make sense of anything, for we had just been in the video room of Campion & if she'd wanted to watch a video, why were we going to the gym to watch whatever the people before us were watching?!?! But whatever, Judit gives up. Everyone walks upstairs to the all-purpose area in the gym. It's dark, but if people are watching a movie that makes sense. Except, there are streamers & there's no one-wait, there's someone peaking over the couch & then all the lights go on "SUPRISE!!!!!" Gawah? The top of the gym is filled with Judit's friends, food, & streamers & Happy Birthday things. And then, it all clicked. Oh. Yes, I have the best friends ever. There was dancing & food & presents & laughing & crying & more dancing.

Everyone did a great job of decorating the room.

And me...

Never let Ryan do your hair!

And of course there was dancing.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Vote for me!

Okay, so I'm not really running for anything... but Lorena is! And her speech was great... she talked about such things as making a difference and the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow! If I could vote this year, I would have voted for Lorena. She would have made a great Student Body VP. I also would have voted for Guitar Guy... he ran for Prez. His campaign posters were kinda funny... they had pirates on them *We are the pirates who don't do anything, we just stay at home and lie around and if you ask us to do anything, we'll just tell you we don't do anything!* (That's a great song... it's originally on Veggie Tales but Relient K does an awesome version of it, too!)
So, when I find out who won, I will totally post the results for you!
Oh, and my car *Scott* is soooooooo stoopid! Well, more specifically, my car's battery. Yeah, it's like 1/2 dead and two nights ago, before I went to the Newman Center's priest's going away party, it wouldn't start! And then, when my dad tried starting it later, it worked just fine! Grrr on you Scott! So, yesterday morning before I went to school we had to jump start the darn thing. Not cool... really not cool. But this morning it started alright. Thanks for being so moody, Scott. :@
Anyway, I'm going to attempt to post some pics from the Dinner Dance, since I forgot to do that before... these are from JimBeth! Okay, nevermind... I'll hafta do it later... once Judit teaches me how because I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT... Oh well
word of the day: Pirate. Just cuz.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fire Alarms or Jump Drives

At about six a.m. this morning I was sleeping soundly in my nice warm bed as I normally am at that time. I was quite comfortable and very happy. Did I mention that I was warm and sleeping? I was also not dress code. Unfortunately, my revelry was destroyed by the piercing sound of the fire alarm. Actually, that's incorrect. I vaguely began to gain consciousness because of the piercing fire alarm. It was Laura saying "Judit! Fire alarm!" I sat up & responded with words that won't be published on this blog. I contemplated my options. I was tired & wanted to go back to sleep, but we've had countless meetings about this fire alarm & I knew that would incur a $25 fine. Money I just don't have. Plus they'd wake me up again anyway & Kateri (my proctor) was yelling "EVERYBODY OUT!!" like a crazy person. I thought about what I was wearing & realized there was going to have to be some change in my wardrobe before I exited the girl's dorm. But I had fallen asleep with my contacts in & they were fused to my eyes. Thus I couldn't see a darn thing. Plus, I didn't know where my sweatshirt was (it was right behind my head.) So I grabbed my ballerina blanket & headed for the out-of-doors. I even less happy when the cold air permeated my entire being as I stepped outside. The cheerful awake looks of our Dean & Assistant Dean of Student Life were like salt in the wound. BUT they bought us Krispy Kreme donuts, so I forgive them. :)
And now it's time for some random pictures.

The boys celebrating the election of Pope Benedict XVI the Christendom way!

Father talking about the state of the Church.

Cigars aren't just for the boys!

Mountian Dew was good enough for the Irish, it's good enough for us. (Somehow, I think they were talking about a different kind of Mountian Dew...)

Monday, May 02, 2005


Well, sorry for not blogging as much as or as elaborately as I should be. I have been quite busy with a lot of pointless activities that hold no practical use...AKA trigonometry. But now with the smooth transition from Trig to precalculus...I will have even more pointless assignments to behold in my precious and oh so crispified noggin. So, I had better blog before Jenne has an anurism or some other brain-related injury! LOL! Luv ya Jenne! :D Her brain is quite sensitive y'know...:)

Just to let all of you peoples know...I am running for Student Body VP!! Yayyy.... I am running against Jan, which may prove to be very interesting. Hopefully, someone will vote for me! :P LOL! Anyways, Maggie and I have made some very beautiful and meaningful posters which include slogans such as "Vote for Robyn" and other ones with crazy Mexican women smiling undernearth oversized, plastic fruit hats.

I also had a very interesting experience this weekend. My partner-in-crime and fellow sci-fi aficionado, Erica, decided to venture out of our homes and go to the local movie place...or whatever it is called these days. This movie, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is not your average joe movie. Oh no siree. I read the book and enthusiastically asked Erica to join me by telling her that she had to go with me :P. She agreed.

At first, we felt pretty normal..y'know...hanging out at the movie theatre..getting some popcorn, until we started seeing some pretty shady characters. People walking around with towels, some wearing odd hats, and other donning XXXXL T-Shirts with some obscure comic book reference to them. Needless to say, these people were not attending "Fever Pitch". The minute that we walked into the theatre...things felt...different. Not only was the theatre fairly full for a late show...but it was very loud and no one really seemed to care. It wasn't until we started to get odd stares from people that we noticed that something was a bit strange. Erica, in a brief moment of pure observation, said.."omigosh, Robyn...we are the coolest people here!!!!" Trust me, this shocked me as much as it is probably shocking you right now. Because Erica and I are not known as the coolest, most chic people. Actually we are quite the opposite. We are the loud, obnoxious girls who get a kick out of Star Wars and hold all-niter Mt. Dew parties where Erica once drank a gallon of it...

This was a totally new and disturbing experience for us. We also noticed that we were among a very delicate minority...we were girls...Out of about 30 ppl...maybe 5 of us were girls, including Erica and I. Of course the row of boys behind us gave the strangest stare of pure admiration, shock, and worship. At first, we were a bit freaked out...but we got over it and had a jolly laugh a bit later.

Anyways, the movie was excellent and highly recommendable. If you like crazy movies with beauracratic aliens, two-headed presidents with southern drawls, and lemons...you will love this movie. Plus, you have to hear the song about dolphins...the second smartest beings on Earth.

Well, my duty has been fulfilled...So long and thanks for all the fish!!