Thursday, March 24, 2005

Obviously, every Catholic should know that Jesus died in Canada!

Yes, it's true... Jesus died in Canada, not Israel! Or at least that's what the newspaper said! So, here's the story: I sang at my church's Youth Group performances of the Living Stations. On Tuesday, we went to a local nursing home and performed for them. The newspaper was there to do an article on us with a camera and a reporter (yeah, we felt kinda special!) Anyway, afterward, they interviewed a bunch of us. Then, yesterday morning, I found the article and started reading it... and I noticed that the writer had absolutely terrible spelling... not that I'm the perfect speller, but keep in mind that I don't work for a newspaper! Not only did he spell "Avera" wrong (I think it was Avrea), but he spelled Calvary wrong! Yeah, he substituted a "G" for the "V" so it said "Calgary!" Therefore, Jesus died in Canada.
What's really ironic is that the writer of the article is a Roncalli alum!!! When I found that out, I just had to laugh. A good ol' Catholic guy who graduated from a Catholic school doesn't even know where Jesus died! I tell ya, what is this world coming to?!
Word of the day: Lunchbox, because that's my sister's nickname at school. The guy she likes came up with it, so now she really likes it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My window

Yea, that's a pretty happenin' place. Because I've been sick, I haven't been able to get out & visit my guy friends, so they come to my window & talk to me. Technically that's not allowed, but I was sick & no one said anything. Well, untill last night, but that was because it was after curfew. Silly Dominick can't tell time. The one exception to this rule is birthday singing, which also happened by my window the other night. the 31st is my Laura's 19th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURA!!!!) & that's over break, so the birthday singers came on the 21st. So it was kind of like, "happy birthday in-ten-days to yooouuu." Which takes me to my next topic of interest: break. Technically, spring/Easter break starts today. But I leave tomorrow. CARDUCCI, Kateri (my proctor), Shannon, Emily G., Krystle, and I are going on the "nun run." Basically Fr. Mastreoni has put together a trip for any young woman thinking about becoming a nun (or who was homeless for break as in my case!) to visit 5 convents & some school. It should be interesting. I'll be spending Holy week with Carmelites. That's Good Friday with cloistered Carmelites, talk about hard core!!! This will be an Easter to remember. Then we're off to Little Sisters of the Poor, 2 other convents I've never heard of & then to some Dominicans (Yea! That's what I'm talking about!) All of this will be taking place in the "News" (Jersey & York, that is.) I probably won't be able to post for a couple of weeks. I'm really not sure. Who knows, I might stay at one of the convents! :o

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My busy weekend!

Sooooo, it's almost Easter! That's fun stuff. I'm kind of excited because I get a 5 day weekend! Usually it's only 4 days, but we lucked out and had a scheduled snow day this Thursday. Any-who, it's not as though I won't be doing anythign this long-weekend. On the contrary, I'll be pretty busy. On Wednesday, I have Living Stations after school, (actually I have them during school, too... but I'm not as involved in that one, so yeah...). Then, on Thursday afternoon, I'm going to decorate luminaries with the Youth Group and then I have to work that evening. Then on Friday, I have dance (yeah, on GOOD FRIDAY!), then Good Friday service, then I work again (fun stuff). On Saturday... I work yet again. Wow, this is making me sound a bit like a work-aholic! Oh well... if I didn't need moneys, I wouldn't even have a job, but that's just how life is. Anyway, after work, I have Easter Vigil mass. Then it's Easter Sunday, and that's the day I get to hang out at home and be lazy!!! Yay for laziness!!! Then on Monday, I have dance again, but I think that's it... although I might try to get some people together for bowling, if the bowling alley's open! That's a good time! (see previous entries!)
So, yeah, that's my busy weekend, into which I'm supposed to fit filling out scholarship applications and making chiropractic appointments and whatnot. Yeah, pretty sure a lot of that's not gonna happen! Unless of course my internal clock stays as cooky as it has been! (Again, see previous entries)
So, word of the day: pain... because I'm experiencing a fair amount of it right now... you know, the chiropractor thing. Oh well... I've always known my back was out of wack!!! (no, I did not intentionally make that rhyme, it just worked out that way)

Plain old fever

Well kids, the flu bug has hit me and it's hit me but good! I've been in bed since St. Paddy's day night. This is the first time I've left my dorm, save Sunday Mass. My main goal is to be better for spirng break. Being sick over Easter at a Camalite convent is not my idea of a good time! Uff.
But anyway, a little update on the goings on of St. Paddy's day. So the festivities went off quite well. I have come to the conclusion that everyone here is, indeed, nuts. But that's a good thing. I've also decided that Guiness is very gross. (Yucky, yucky Irish beer.) But there was a lot of dancing and singing, it was a grand time. I actually wasn't enjoying myself very much, for awhile, because right after I'd written the post about formal not being a problem for me, it suddenly became one, a very big one. But i'm ok with that now. But I've decided if I'm ever down, all I need to do is sing some Irish songs. When ye're singin about people dyin and starvin and whatnot, life doesn't seem so bad. After this was all over, a bunch of us went to Dr. O'Donnell's house and sang and ate and drank some more! (Well, the over 21 poeple did that last...) It was great.
But I don't much have anything else to say other than cookies are good and I'm sick of my room!

Friday, March 18, 2005

I *heart* Irish-ness!

So, it's St. Patrick's Day, possibly one of my favorite holidays. I like the color green and I like potatoes, so, you know, it's a good time! Anyway, I'm a semi-Irish lass and I'm always interested in a nice Irish lad. Here are some good qualities to find in them:
red hair (this may be a quality that only I see the good in!)
a sense of humor
belief in leprachauns
knowing how to use their gold
ability to hold liquor (well, that's not ALWAYS a good thing!)
enjoyment in telling stories (and fibs)
love of potatoes
the ability to enjoy a rainbow (even though it's not necessarily for it's beauty!)
pride in their heritage
enjoy green
fun last names!
By the way, the word of the day is Erin. It's a name, but it's also a nickname for Ireland! How cool is that?!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Formal Fever

The one thing that's on everyone's mind at Christendom. It's not midterms, it's not senior thesises, it's not what's for lunch, it's not the new student center, it's not spring break (although that's a contender), it's not even St. Patrick's Day, well that's going a bit too far. But right up there with good ol' St. Paddy is dum dum dum daaaaa Spring Formal and who's taking who. It's interesting to see how everyone's been dealing with the pressure. Some guys are going nuts trying to figure out who they should take, while some wonder if they finally do get up the courage to ask, will she say yes? Some girls are "fingering their beads" hoping that certian guy will ask them, while other girls (like me) have been avoiding them. And now that the asking has actually begun, there are some very happy couples and some very sad guys and girls. Someone has even made a website dedicated to formal and who's going with who! It's: in case you're interested in witnessing the madness. He even put the Pax Christi Sisters on the available list! (I don't understand that.) Anway, my formal woes have been taken care of, so I'm just going to sit back and watch everyone else squirm. And when the dance actually comes, I'll be able to dance with all the guys. Well maybe not all of them, I have a feeling that some of the girls are going to be keeping their dates on a pretty tight leash!
In other news, Happy St. Patrick's Day to ye! CC is completely freaking out about this. It's hilarious. We're even having a Gaelic Mass. Now that's hard core. There will be beer. Lots and lots of beer. And singing and dancing and a whole lotta green! St. Patrick, pray for us!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ode to College Life

Don't you hate it when you've got your grove on, studying is going so well (finally!) and then you suddenly get an undeniable craving for tacos? I know I do. This happened to me a couple nights as I was doing research for my Dante paper. So Megan, CARDDUCI, & I went to town & got 30 cent frozen burritos from the grocery store. I would like to suggest that this is what college is all about. College is also about not getting sleep. I agree w/ Meche, my internal clock is screwed up. I went to bed last night at 10:30, guess what time I woke up? 2:30 am! That's not right. I finally got to bed & then woke up at 7. I'm like "No dang it! Body, go to sleep!" I finally gave in at 8:30. College is also about foot injures. Yes, we have a new Crutchie on campus & her name is Judit. Mind you, I'm not broken, like Claire, just a sprained ankle, but she hasn't been using her crutches, so I hijacked them. You know, I really like being mobile. Tonight is swing & contra & all I'll be doing is the crutch dance, but that's probably good. I need to write up my physics notes. Like all of them. From the beginning of the semester. That's 3 months of notes! College is also about not being able to see the board & having a teacher w/ a heavy New Zeland accent. Uff. But I'd have to say, the top thing college is about is your bed breaking when your roommate jumps on you. I think that sums it all up! I think I may write a poem about this some day.

Just call me Frankie

So, bowling is really fun!!! Even if I can't do it very well... okay, so I downright suck at it, but whatever. So does Judit, so the world is right!
Anyway, a bunch of people I know, along with some people I don't really know (well, now I know them because I spent 3 1/2 hrs with them last night) all went out to eat after Mass and then went bowling. It was a good time!!! Except that this morning, my wrist hurts something fierce. Oh well.
Speaking of morining... Why, you would ask if you were here right now, am I awake and blogging at 7:15 in the morning on a Sunday that I don't have Mass? The answer... I don't know. I would say the sun woke me up because I have an East facing window, but it's really cloudy today. And I set my alarm clock for 9:00, so it didn't wake me up either! Maybe it's just that my internal clock isn't used to getting more than 7 hours of sleep, and if it did get say, 8 or 9, it wouldn't know what to do with the extra hours; therefore it woke me up rather abruptly this morning at about 7! But whatever... I'm up now and I'm probably not going back to bed until tonight!
But, I will leave you with a word of the day: stupendous, because... well, just because it was the first word that popped into my head! Have fun with that, say it 10 times a day for 2 weeks and call me in the morning!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Hm... I wish I could say it was a sacrifice!

Well... another blog. I see that no one has posted for a while and decided that it wasn't cool, so I'm posting. Unfortunately, I don't have much to say today: except that bread is WAY better than the school's fish sticks!!!
Today was our day of fasting in school when students who so choose can abstain from school lunch for today and have bread and water for lunch. Unfortunately the school doesn't realize that it would be so much more of a sacrifice if they served pizza or something equally delicious instead of *shudder* fish sticks. Yeah, the school's fish sticks are really gross. I think it's because of the batter... it's like they're not cooked properly or something and the batter is all... mushy and... gross. There's really no other way to put it! So, although I sign up for it every year, and although I see it as a sacrifice, it would be much more effective if the alternative were better! But, I am proud to say that I did not take one sip of Mountain Dew, did not chew any gum or endulge myself in food or drink of any kind or flavor except for bread and water all school day! Hey, maybe I should do stuff like this more often... hm, maybe I'll be a little more prayerful? We'll see!
So, I suppose you want a word of the day. Well, let's see... how about antidisestablishmentarrianism? Sounds good to me. I frequently use the longest word in the English language... don't you?

Monday, March 07, 2005

The NFL comes to CC

No, CC has not joined the ranks of normal colleges & gotten a football team. (The day that happens, we'll have more than one teacher in the math/science dept!) What I speak of is the National Forensics League. Dominick has started a forensics club & has asked Ben & I to help him coach. We technically won't be under the NFL, because we're in cowllege, but that's pretty much what we're basing it on, at least for now. It starts this Friday & we are in desperate need of a coaches meeting. Somehow I don't think that'll happen. All I have to say is, this is going to be interesting, very interesting...
In other news, Kali, Peter, & Jan finally came to CC over the weekend! :) It was great. They came on Saturday & helped with/came to Katie's surprise birthday party. (People are having birthdays around here like nobody's bushiness!) It was grand. Sean taught Kali how to swing dance & she can also now do the ever present Virginia Reel. They stayed until Sunday night.
Unfortunately I had to leave them for awhile to go to Women's Oratory. Yes, Fr. Mastreoni has decided I need to be a nun. So the next 3 years should be interesting. Apparently he's relentless about this sort of thing, & I'd believe it! He's now tracking me down at meals and even random times during the day. He's even started calling me Lasagna! Will it never end?!

That was truly an amazing weekend!

Search is awesome!!! I had a really great weekend, but now I'm really tired. April, Darby and I were all sleeping in the library and we stayed up until at least 1:30 talking last night. But it was all good. I think a lot of those newby's really got a lot out of the weekend.
I'm so glad that Eric's back. For those of you who don't know, Eric used to be our Youth Minister... but then his unit got sent to Iraq and he was gone for over a year. Anyway, he came back not too long ago and he was doing music at Search. It's funny because I missed him, but I didn't realize just how much I missed him until he came back! He told us a story about how he almost died. He was in a humvee at the front of a convoy that was escourting the Brittish to Fallujah. The humvee's job was to defend the other vehicles in the convoy. Anyway, they missed a turn and all of the vehicles had to turn around. (Which I can imagine is quite hard to do!) So the humvee had to book it so they could get to the front of the convoy but just as they got going, they heard an explosion behind them. Turns out a bomb went off right where they would have been! It's a blessing that we still have him around. Thank you Lord, for bringing Eric back to us safely.
Word of the day: coincidence because I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as one! Everything happens for a reason, even though we don't always know what that reason is. Sometimes we never find out, either!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

w00t! A concert!!!

Guess who's playing in Winnepeg on May 17th? Green Day! Guess who's going? Not Magdalena and Meche! *grumble-grumble* That's right, Magdalena and I had a chance to see Greed Day LIVE... but we can't because of a little thing called Commissioning Mass! That's the senior's last school mass when the pass the torch (or a candle) onto the underclassmen. It's a really big thing around here. Anyway... it's preventing me from seeing one of my favorite bands ever! It's cramping my style!
Don't get me wrong, I'm kind of excited about Commissioning Mass, but I really wanted to go to that concert! It coulda been amazing. Oh well, life goes on. I'm sure there will be other Green Day concerts *sigh*.
Word of the day: blatant... I'm not sure that I spelled it right, but I do enjoy being blatant! Like blatantly ignoring comments made about me and... er... someone else... *trails off into oblivion*