Sunday, February 27, 2005

Midterms! Run away from that!

Well kids, it's that time again. It's time to buckle down and go crazy. It's time for the professors to start throwing homework assignments and papers at you right and left. It's time for those dreaded tests to come falling down on your head when you least expect it. Yes, it is midterms week. It's almost over for me. I only have one more test left. I should actually be studying for it, but I'm talking to you instead. It's so interesting around here when people get stressed. Actually, it hasn't been interesting at al this semester, people are mostly studying by themselves instead of in large rambunctious groups. Well, save the astronomy group. hehehe I must back up a bit.
The day is Thursday and I wake up to whiteness. Whiteness everywhere. Yes, it does snow here and it was snowing with a vengeance. Okay, maybe not. But it was the most snow I've seen since I've been here. For once, everything was completely white. So I decided to be red. I put on a bright red skirt and t-shirt, with a red sweater over it (must be dress code!) Then I borrowed Jen's red cape, muff, and shoes. The cape had a hood, so I was completely red from the tip of my head to the bottom of my feet. I enjoyed myself greatly walking around in the snow just being red. People told me I looked like Little Red Riding Hood, but I was actually going for the "Those which we do not speak of" look. That night (it was still snowing) the astronomy kids decided to study in the basement of the Commons. Now I being in physics & most of my friends being in astronomy, I thought I'd have a little fun. The basement is actually ground level in the back (it's built into a hill, like all the other buildings on this campus!) and has huge windows that we can & often do, climb through. So I waited until everyone was engrossed in the phases of the moon. I then put my hood up, so it covered my eyes. Then I stood as creapily as I could in front of one of those windows and stared at them. Sean looked up at me & then back at his books. I thought all was lost, when Claire looked up at me, screamed bloody murder & almost tipped over in her chair. Mission accomplished. I love midterms.

Monday, February 21, 2005


No friends, I have not been losing important items. But I have been in cahoots with Claire, CARDUCCI, and Sydney to plan a surprise birthday part for Sean. His birthday is actually on Tuesday, but Sunday is more conducive to parties. So at five minutes to 1, I came flying in to play practice hysterical because I'd left my purse at Rivendell the day before when Sean and I worked. I babbled on about driver's licensees and bank account numbers and he said he'd come with me to find it. So we got to Rivendell about 5 after 1. He found my purse and I suggested we got upstairs to see if there was a lost and found there, just for future reference. For some reason we agreed. Boy was he surprised when he opened up a door and 20 of his family and friends jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!" Oh that was glorious. Claire and I'd been planning the party for about 3 weeks. CARDUCCI and Sydney have been helping us for the past 2. There was food, there was dancing, there was singing (some good, some not so good!), and there was cake. Oh was there cake! There was cake on the table, cake in our stomachs, cake on the floor, cake on Sean's face and clothes... Yes, inertia and Judit meet again! I picked up one of the cakes to give to Sean. I didn't realize that there was cardboard between the plastic I was holding and the cake. So when I turned to give the cake to Sean and then stopped, the cake kept going...right onto the floor....frosting down...on the CORK dance floor... Yup. Sean and I had dived for it, to no avail. So I did the only logical thing to do at that point. I grabbed a chunk of frosting and shoved it in Sean's face. Then spent the next 15 minutes cleaning up the frosting with the help of the other party goers. Fun, fun, fun. So, Happy Birthday, Sean!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ballet has never been more fun now that I'm done with it!

So, for the past few years (yes, YEARS) I've been stressing out about passing my grade IV Checcetti Exam before graduation. See for dance, we need to pass this grade of Checcetti in order to graduate and get a senior solo in the recital, and I had cut out of dance for two years in junior high, putting me at a grade I level when everyone else was at a grade III. So anyway, This year I've been getting ready really hard for the exam and I've been even more stressed out than I normally am and believe me, that's saying something! Anyway, I took the exam last Friday and I passed! Not only did I pass, I got an honor point, which I totally didn't expect because I've only been studying grade IV for a year and my instructor doesn't put anyone up for grade IV without at least two years. But, since I'm a senior and don't have another year to study, I took my exam this year. Yeah, I think that's exciting! I'm going to perform my solo to an instrumental Evenessence song... It'll be great! Everyone should come see it!
Anyway, word of the day: quidditch because I'm listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on tape right now... yeah, I know. I'm a dork!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

K, M, N, L, O..No, that's not right. M, N, L, K...Nope. Uh, L, K, N...Whatever!

As you can see, Judit has been having some problems with her alphabet. Yesterday Sean and I worked for his uncle again in the book warehouse. There was less to do this time. (Aka, we didn't have to put any more desks together.) So we spent a good amount of time stocking/restocking books. Unfortunatly, my brain had left me and the alphabet seemed beyond my capacity of comprehension. Sad I know. But for some reason, I could not get it in my head that M and N came after L! 'Cause I'm in college! Wow. After about 4 hours and 7 thousand screw ups, I got it right. Oh well, it was entertaining for Sean. *shrug*
Softball is going better. Try outs are this week. Argh!! I'm scared! Oh well.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Oh boy. I've been thinking back to last year's V-day. Can it be that it was only one year ago? So much has happened! We will now revisit some memories from last V-day.
Driving in the SD in Feb at night.
Missing the exit for Brookings.
Staying with Sara.
Watching "college" movies. (aka, Animal House and Old School) *shudder*
Lou Ann the tan minivan.
Eating at Dan's house.
Sleeping on the floor with a billion other people. (or 5)
Foot rubs.
Silly string.
The Newsboys playing on repeat for two whole days.
Learning crazy hand games at the breakfast table.
And last, but most certianly not least...

Saturday, February 12, 2005

stupid apocrypha!

So I was trying to do my Bible reflection for religion the other day, but I couldn't find my Bible! I went downstairs to look for it and found my dad's old one. I usually like to do a tidbit of somewhat from Sirach since it is quite easy to reflect on that book. But...THERE WAS NO SIRACH. I thought I was going crazy! Loco! I was freaking out at the kitchen table! But then I flipped to the front and found out it was my dad's Bible from the 60s, when he was still Lutheran...Stupid apocrypha making me think I'm crazy! Sheesh!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Offer it up!

Oh man, I don't think I've ever been this sore in my entire life! Now I realize why I didn't play sports in high school!! (Well, that and the people...) I kind of want to chop off my legs. Although I think that would probably hurt worse. Okay, I'm going to back up a bit and explain what the heck I'm talking about. I, Judit, have joined the softball team at CC. It's true. We had practice last night and boy do I hurt now! But it's a good hurt. It's one of those wow-I-really-got-out-there-and-gave-it-my-all-and-actually-did-something-with-my-time kind of hurt. So I'm pretty proud of myself. And I'm trying to think of things to type, so I can keep sitting on this chair, instead of getting up. Yes, I think I will keep sitting here. It's a nice chair. Very little effort is required for sitting on this quite cushy chair. Okay, I'm going to have to get up at some point and I'm probably boring the begibers out of you right now, so "Uff!" I'm up.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Silent Constancia!

Well I have bronchitis, and it super-sucks!! I went home for the weekend and came back sick. I was getting ready to leave on sunday and my mom said that I should stay home, but I told her I couldn't becuase I had to go to classes. But its now wed. and I haven't been to classes since last thursday (I skipped my fri. classes so I could go home :S). So when I got back on sunday I have been sleeping for the most part. I went to the student clinic on monday, she said I have bronchitis, so I got some antibiotics and an inhaler thing so that I can breathe better. But mostly it sucks. I haven't left my dorm since about 12:00 p.m. on monday. Basically I am going crazy. But I think I am getting better, I feel better, but head hurts and I still can't talk really! Which is weird, because I am usually the loudest one in our room. The other bad thing, I can't laugh ~ it hurts way bad. But there again I am always the one laughing in our room, so its been pretty quiet around here. But I really haven't noticed because in the past three days I have probably been awake for about a total of 12 hours, most of which were today!! :P

I have to say THANK YOU to my suite mate Sarah, she is awesome!! She totally took care of me, and she is gonna make a great nurse!!

Quote of the day:
~ The purpose of life is a life of purpose!
~Robert Byrne

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"I Don't Remember Killer Trees" or "Canada is for Lovers"

Yup, I have had an interesting weekend. It started out Friday night I agreed to help babysit some of Sean's cousins with Claire. They have 6 kids and Claire has a broken foot. So I ended up sitting for 6 kids, Claire, Sean, and Matt. Haha, long story. Then I got up at the crack of 9:30 on Saturday to go work for Sean's uncle with Sean and Matt. Wow, I have to say being in a warehouse with Sean and Matt for 5 hours is not something I'll forget anytime soon. Saturday night was the Mardi Gras dance. That was interesting. All I have to say is, some of my fellow students are WEIRD. But I did get to swing dance one handed. That was new and interesting experience. (Mike broke his collar bone, so he's got his arm in a sling.) Then Sunday was the Superbowl and I watched it, for the third time in my life. A bunch of us went over to Joe and Andrea's house. That was lost of fun. (And that was an intentional typo, we got lost three times.) Yes, Joe does not know where he lives. But we got there eventually and it was a good time. I thought it was pretty funny, because CARDUCCI and I were trying to figure out who we should cheer for. I picked the Patriots out of the clear blue sky and she agreed. But once we got there, we found out that Joe, Andrea, their parents, their grandfather, their neighbor's boyfriend, and Ben were all going for the Eagles. Their neighbor was going for the Patriots, but she was doing Algebra and not really paying attention. Beth was cheering for the refs and Dominick was going for the Ravens. (I think he was watching a different game...) But before the first quarter was over, CARDUCCI had switched to the Eagles and then their neighbor left. So I was the lone Patriots fan. I rubbed it in but good when they WON! Muhahahaha. In other news, going to lunch today, we were mobbed by people trying to get us to sign up to donate blood. Joe and I ran the other way while CARDUCCI actually inquired about it. (Silly girl.) Joe said that the last time he tried to give blood, it stopped flowing and couldn't give whatever the amount is that is needed. I told him that someone should have jumped up and down on his chest yelling "Pull your own weight!" (Meche should find that funny. :P)

Monday, February 07, 2005

Ugh... Idiot!

Okay, so I could have written this sometime this weekend, but I didn't feel like it so I'm doing it during Advanced Office class instead!
On Friday, Magdalena, Guitar Guy, another guy we'll call Little Rico and another chick we'll call Dude Man and I all went to Pierre (capital of SD) for the first annual Lobby for Life day. Guitar Guy's mom drove us because our Teens for Life advisor was out of town. Yeah, it was pretty interesting. We got a chance to talk with five out of six legislators from our hometown and the surrounding area and we talked with another legislator as well. Three of the six were really nice and all for the bills we were lobbying for: they were about notifying parents about abortions, letting people with living wills remain on food and water tubes during hospitalization, and triggering our state to ban abortion (except in cases where it endangers the mother's life) as soon as Roe v. Wade and another pro-abortion legislation are overturned in the Supreme Court.
We ended up having quite the conversation with a legilator from a nearby town. Jim Hunstad said that he was pro-life but that it was a different kind of pro-life than our idea. He told us a story (well, he told us a lot of stories, but we'll touch on those later) about a woman that came and had an in depth discussion with him about her son, who was also her brother. Yeah, that's right, her father raped her. Anyway, this son is now in the State Pen and Mr. Hunstad said (in a very political, round-about way) it was because she didn't love him like a mother should because of how he came about. Anyway, he told us that it would have been better for the son if the mother would have had an abortion (again, just as a politician would) because then he wouldn't be in the State Pen. We put up a pretty good fight, though. I asked him if adoption had ever been an option for her and he said that he didn't get that in depth with her and that it would have been a great question to ask. Translation: You stumped me but I don't want to admit it! Anyway, we also got another story from him about how babies are like terrorists! Apparently he was in war (don't ask me which one, maybe Vietnam?) and he had to do some killing (obviously). He basically said that it was no different than killing babies and that he hoped he would be forgiven for it. Oh man, watch out for those three-week-olds with grenade launchers! They're lethal!
So for the most part, Hunstad tried to filibuster us into submission, but I'm pretty sure he was irked by that adoption thing. There's a novel idea, give the kid to someone who can care for him! Hm, why didn't I think of that? Oh wait, I did! I am a huge advocate for adoption.
Now all we need to change is the rape/incest issue. One legislator had a good point that rapists can have visitaion rights with their children. I think we need to definately try harder to prevent rape and also get harsher punishments for pornography and rape! I know it will not completely wipe it out, but it will probably lower the numbers if we tell our young women about date rape drugs and get young people away from the porn. It can lead to desires that pictures alone can't quench!
Anyway, word of the day: actually, I think I will give a phrase/ quote today! From the movie Napoleon Dynomite: "Tina you fat lard, come get some dinner!" Yeah, I finally saw it on Saturday night. Real funny! Great movie to quote!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

This Ones's for the Girls

So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I know, dangerous thing for me to do, but hey, what the hey! Indulge me for a while. This thinking has been caused by current events and Father Mastreoni's Theology 102 class. Bad combination. So we were talking about the PERPETUAL virginity of Mary on Tuesday. Pretty cool. We ended up on the topic of womenhood in general. Father gave us the three things that a woman can be that a man cannot. She can be a mother, a wife, and a virgin. Now think about today's society. Some of the biggest things our society frowns upon are motherhood, marriage, and virginity. (And poverty, but that is another topic entirely!) Basically, society hates the essence of women. It tries to get rid of what makes women women! How could this happen? You ask. Why aren't the women standing up for themselves? Here comes the sad part. Some women have decided that they need to be like men in order to gain power and acceptence. But think about that. That's your basic junior higher's philosophy. "I'm not cool right now, so I will be like the other people to be cool." And then they end up on pot. Hmmm, not the philosophy I want driving my country! Now don't get me wrong, there's a big difference between being a woman and being girlie. Knowing how to sew pretty things and arrange cut flowers is nice. But that's just fluff. (Fluff that I have yet to accomplish. And actually don't plan on trying!) Being a woman is tough. It requires much strength and fortitude. True women are not the sissies we often think them to be. As Father Heisler so beautifully put it, the model for true womanhood is Mary. And Mary's purpose was to bring love into the world. So thus everything a woman does should somehow bring love into the world. Now that's a pretty tall order. I'd better stop laughing at people falling down hills!